Winters are here and so are winter related skin problems. Dry and flaky skin and chapped lips are winter’s best companions. Although we know that we should keep our face, lips, and skin moisturized, we usually tend to overlook them because either the products are too greasy which causes irritation of its own or the products might have an artificial fragrance which people don’t like to carry all day long.

I have been using the Himalaya Winter Skin Secrets range, which includes Cocoa Butter Intensive Body Lotion, Aloe and Winter Cherry Nourishing Body Lotion, Nourishing Skin Cream, Peach Shine Lip care and Strawberry Shine Lip Care. Here is a review of the products. Spoiler alert: they were all amazing but Cocoa Butter Intensive Body lotion is my all time favorite lotion now.

Himalaya Cocoa Butter Intensive Body Lotion: Take the best moisturizing experience you’ve ever had, add to it the smell of Cocoa and Voila! you have the lotion I am in love with, because I like my moisturizers a bit on the heavier side. The moisturizer is enriched with the goodness of Cocoa Butter and Wheat Germ Oil, which helps replenish the lost moisture in dry skin. Naturally derived ingredients restore skin’s elasticity, leaving it softer and more toned than before. Its prices are 400 ml – Rs. 260; 200 ml – Rs.150, 100 ml- Rs. 85.

Himalaya Aloe Vera and Winter Cherry Body lotion: This is a bit on the light side and perfectly suitable for people who find lotions too greasy. It hydrates the skin and locks in the moisture, along with the fresh smell of Aloe-Vera. Aloe Vera is rich in polysaccharides and nutrients which exhibit antibacterial and antifungal action. It acts as a natural UV inhibitor. Its hydrating, softening and intense moisturizing properties helps in nourishing the skin. Winter Cherry is an effective anti-stress agent. The antioxidant properties in the plant helps in the regeneration of the cell and making it soft and supple. Its prices are 400 ml – Rs. 235; 200 ml – Rs.130, 100 ml- Rs. 75.

Himalaya Nourishing Skin Cream: It is a light, non-greasy, daily-use cream, which provides all day moisturizing, nourishment and protection during winters. The cream is blended with the extracts of Aloe Vera, Winter Cherry, Indian Kino Tree and Indian Pennywort, which protect the skin from pollution and dry weather, providing nourishment and moisture. I found the cream soothing and relaxing without being too heavy which is always a must for creams. Its prices are 200 ml – Rs.220, 100 ml – Rs. 125, 50 ml – Rs.75.

Himalaya Peach Shine Lip Balm and Strawberry Shine Lip Balm: The final weapon in our armory for the fight against winter skin problems is Lip Balms. The metioned Balms keep the lips naturally moisturized and protects from environmental damage. To add to that they have 100% Natural Color and are Preservatives free. The preference of the fruit is personal, but i liked Peach Shine more. Price – Rs.125

So here we are, all geared up to face the winters. Winters, we are ready!!

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