BioMiracle is a recently launched skincare brand and I got the chance to try on some of their products. Here’s my review of the products:

Removing makeup after a long tiring day or during a vacation has always been a tough task.

Carrying makeup removing liquids/creams everywhere becomes really difficult sometimes. This is where Makeup removing wipes come in handy. And this why I fell in love with BIOMIRACLE MAKEUP CLEANING TOWELETTES. They are oil free and won’t clog pores, the skin revitalizing formula enriched with coenzyme Q-10, Vitamin E and C makes it ideal for all skin type.

BioMiracle make-up cleaning tissues thoroughly remove eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick and even water proof makeup, without skin irritation.

With the convenience of pre-moistened cloths, they work in seconds to leave your skin feeling smooth, moisturised and completely clean anytime,anywhere!

BIOMIRACLE WHITE DIAMOND HYDROGEN MASK WITH CHARCOAL AND BLACK PEARL is a luxurious face mask that makes your skin look radiant. The finest quality of white diamonds packed with luminescent effect brightens up the dull skin and leaves you with youthful radiant look.The mask helps lock the moisture and releases the nourishing serum which penetrates deeper into the skin .The black pearl extracts absorbed by the skin helps in improved blood circulation and promotes the elasticity of the skin.

ALOEVERA SOOTHING MIST- This aloe mist helps replenish skin moisture. It cools and soothes dry sunburned skin and reduce skin irritation and redness

It has a deep moisturising formula for all ages which imparts a refreshing feel to the

skin and re-energizes it. Enriched with 98% pure organic aloe,vitamin E and C cools and moisturise immediately upon contact.

I would highly suggest you guys to try these products out. You won’t regret it.

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