Himalaya oil clear facewash.

After weeks of scorching heat, Monsoon is finally here, to provide the much needed relief. The ease with which rains cleanse everything around us, and lifts our spirits is amazing. Everything feels so fresh and full of life. The only thing which doesn’t feel so is the face, which faces problems, which are not only limited to people with oily skins but affect the people with normal skin too. The high humidity leads to oily skin, which can cause irritation, acne and other problems. This is the only drawback of an otherwise excellent weather.

Keeping these skin troubles in mind, Himalaya has launched a new range of face washes called “Fresh Start” Oil Clear Face Wash, to provide us that humidity from affecting our faces. The face washes are available in 4 different variants: Peach, Strawberry, Blueberry and Lemon.

Before, I provide small descriptions of each, I would like to mention that Himalaya is a brand that I have always loved, and trusted, and they didn’t disappoint with this range.

All the 4 variants contain the fruit mentioned, Gooseberry, and Natural Beads (for Exfoliation). Apart from reducing oiliness they have a refreshing fragrance, and act as anti-oxidants and aid general cleansing of the face. I have been using them for a week, and trust me when I say that, they have helped me put a curb to the oiliness. The affects of all the variants are almost the same, but I like the Blueberry variant the most as it had a mild and sweet smell, and added another level of freshness to the skin. That being said, using all the variants provided a bright glow to my face and helped me keep the oiliness at bay, thus helping me enjoy the rains even more.

So if oily skin due to humidity is a problem that you face, or you are looking for a facewash to improve the overall health of your skin, try Himalaya’s Fresh Start range.

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