Turquoise feels

I always feel charmed by the color turquoise.

Anything in this color always attracts me, be it a cafe, clothes or even a small decorative piece.

While shopping for summer wear, I came across this turquoise denim jacket caught my eye. Granted the current harsh  Delhi weather isn’t suitable for it which made me doubtful about how much use I can get out of it, I still bought it, because the color was so soothing that I couldn’t resist myself from buying it to use it later. Also, there can never be enough denim jackets in my wardrobe.

I decided to put together a look for future reference, and for people who aren’t facing such sweltering summer heat. For the look I wore a full sleeves black bodysuit with black high-waist jeans with a gold detailing black belt and paired it with high ankle boots. Considering the jacket is not too thick, the look can be pulled off during monsoon, especially in places which face heavy rains and a drop in temperatures as a result (apart from the cool places/winters of course.

I enjoyed putting together this look, and loved how the look and the pictures panned out, one of the reasons I couldn’t delay posting this blog despite the current weather. Hope you guys liked the look, and found the post helpful.

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