Clinic eximus

Recently I got a chance to visit cliniceximus, which specialises in skin and hair treatment, and plastic surgery in Delhi, and is handled by Dr. Prerna Taneja.

The infrastructure of the clinic is quite impressive, from the turquoise chairs to the kids dental room every room is given a thought and is perfectly made.

Now coming to the treatment, I opted for the Skin Brightening Treatment. The treatment was done by Dr. Prerna, and it definitely brightened my skin and was very soothing.

Now coming to my favourite part, the products I received from clinic eximus.

I have been using the products since i got my treatment done i.e. 10-15 days back, the products are definitely one of the best skin care products I have ever used. After washing my face from a soap free face wash I clean my face with the Eximus Cleanser,which removes the excess dirt from my face, after this step I use the Hydrating Toner (my favouriteeee product)

After toning my face I mix my daily moisture with the Eximus Aloe Gel for more hydration. During the night I use the eximus Night and Aloe Gel to retain moisture.

I can definitely feel a difference in my skin and will surely be visiting clinic eximus again.

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