Bling on

There are some categories of clothing which take a lot of effort to style, at the same time some are complete in themselves and require minimal effort. Sequin outfits fall in the latter category. It’s amazing how little styling a sequin outfit requires, as its own bling and spark is enough to not only complete the look, but also add another level of oomph to it. No accessories needed, no fretting over what else to put on, just put on the sequin dress/outfit and you are good to go. Add to this, my love for all things sparkly or bling-y, and you are looking at pure love for sequin dresses. So this post is about a Sequin Dress that I got from Shein.The dress is a Baby Pink Jumpsuit, with crisscross sequin detailing. Apart from the charming look, the dress is extremely comfortable. and fits perfectly. I paired it with Beige Heels from Forever 21, and minimal gold detailed earrings and a ring. The look turned out to be everything I imagined it to be and more, proving my love for sequins wasn’t misplaced. Also, I got featured on the Shein Instagram page, so the dress turned out to be a win-win for me. 

My advice to y’all would be to try something similar, or different with sequins, for yourself too.You wouldn’t regret it.

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