Some colors add another level to your personality if you wear them. Red is one such color, it’s powerful and beautiful. Psychologically too, red has a strong effect, it fastens your heart rate and breathing. However, wearing Red is an onerous task. This is the reason that despite my obvious love for the color, I don’t have a lot of clothing articles in this color. Although,I absolutely adore every clothing I own in this color.

One of those is this Red Over-sized Denim Jacket from H&M. Previously I would have just picked a Blue Denim Jacket, however, due to my new found love for experimentation, and the immediate love that I felt for the Red Jacket, I decided to buy it. And I thank myself for it! Going with my current mood of experimenting, I decided to pick a size larger (very unlike me) to get the “over-sized look”.

For the look, I paired the jacket with a Red t-shirt inside which added another level to the look, Blue High-waist boyfriend jeans, and Black boots. I loved how the look turned out, and would suggest you to try something similar, and keep experimenting. Let me know how did you find the look, and I hope that you guys liked the blog! Until next time!

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