Green on black or black on greens.

Prints have always been a big no-no for me. Why? Because I feel they don’t suit my style, and I can’t express myself in them. As a result, I tend to, more often than naught, wear plain/basic (not simple though) clothes.

However, this time I decided to experiment with a little bit of prints, yeah I am not that rigid. (Big Prints are still a Big no-no though). So, I ordered this Black Floral Maxi Dress  from StalkBuyLove, and fell in love with it the moment it was delivered. The material is so comfortable, that now I feel like wearing it everywhere. The comfort is accompanied by a look which is a combination of small yet striking prints, making it suitable to wear during day, and a sleek black shade which makes it perfect for a night out. All in all the dress turned out to be a beautiful surprise for me. 

Lesson learnt? It never hurts to be a little flexible. So if you are like me, try experimenting with new things, you never know what you might have been missing.

This was another post in the series of outfit ideas/ experiments. Hope you like the look, and the post.

P.S. I have started a an online shop at wooplr, which I will be updating with my looks and styling ideas. Do check it out here, Wooplr Store

12 thoughts on “Green on black or black on greens.

  1. Shatakshi di,
    I find you so beautiful in what ever you do.
    I wish you become more popular so that people can appreciate and learn💕


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