Ethnic on budget

Although fashion is ever changing, some things never go out of fashion. Ethnic wear, and experimenting are two such things, and when you put them both together you get the recipe to give your look that extra oomph.

I feel ethnic clothes give you a sense of expression which is different from any other style, brings you closer to your roots, all while having fun and looking gorgeous.

The only caveat in this ‘ethnic fun and frolic’ is that, ethnic pieces are expensive, and you cannot wear the same outfit more than 2-3 times (the number may vary person to person).

However, there’s a way around this: Experimenting. Personally, I love experimenting with ethnic outfits, it provides inexpensive and budget friendly ways to give yourself that perfect ethnic look. Not just the resulting look, but the whole process of mixing and matching ethnic clothes is fun. Here is one of the results of this experimentation:   

I created this inexpensive ethnic look which is perfect for festive season or weddings. I paired a red silk blouse which i got stitched for a Sari last year, with a  blue long skirt which I bought from Sarojini Nagar Market (New Delhi) which cost me just 200 bucks. You can find hundreds of similar skirts for the same price there.  Also ,I added heavy colorful detailed gold ear rings, to complete the look. You can always add a dupatta, too.

This outfit/look cost me just Rs800-900, which as we know, is a budget-friendly amount for ethnics. I hope this post provides you ideas to get around the ‘ethnic clothes expensiveness conundrum’, and helps you find that perfect ethnic look which is not heavy on the purse.

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