A Semi Formal outfit.

It is almost the end of the winter season, and February is almost here. It is probably my favorite time of the year as it’s neither too cold nor too hot, it’s just perfect.

You can experiment with clothes without having to put on loads of layers worrying about freezing cold weather. However, it gets confusing with regards to what kind of clothes to wear. Keeping this confusion in mind, I put together this semi formal outfit., which you can use as a reference to decide your own look.

I am wearing turtle neck full sleeves upper from Shein, with generic black trousers, along with black fur mules and a brown sling bag, from Koovs. Similar outfits are very simple to put together, and are perfect for office, or any formal gathering.

I also added a Beige cardigan to deal with the evening cold, which added another dimension to the outfit. You can also put on a jacket instead of a cardigan which will give it another level of sophistication. 

With this blog post, I will be starting a blog series which will revolve around various outfit ideas/ styling for different events. Hope you like it.

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