Hello people! Hope y’all doin great. This post is the second part relating to my visit to Jaipur (check WHAT I WORE TO THE FORT. This part is a bit delayed because I have been preparing for my exams. So let’s cut to the chase. As the other part of the trip we visited the epitome of grandeur- Hawa Mahal, and City Palace. I decided to wear something that resembled grandeur and simplicity in equal terms, and also provided some respite from the heat. So I chose a White Maxi Dress, because what can be more simple, grand and soothing (in the heat) than a light and white dress. Plus as we had to walk ( a lot),  the dress provided ample comfort and ease. The dress also had thread-work which added another dimension and a tinge of tradition to it and made it sit really well against the backdrop of Palaces. There is this thing about the color white, that not only soothes the eyes and provides that tranquility when everything seems to be running too fast, but also adds an air of simplicity, grace, and sophistication which makes it suitable to wear in almost all occasions (the only drawback being the utmost care that a white garment requires, which is a small price given the utility we derive out of it). It goes without saying, that white can be carried easily, and although I didn’t accessorize it due to the heat, any color and type of accessories goes well and can be paired with a white dress, making the scope of diversification and experimentation really wide.

Maxi Dress – Vero Moda

Crystal Ring-Forever21

Sling Bag-Forever21

I really hope you liked the post, and the looks. Feel free to offer your opinions through comments.

Will see y’all again soon!

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