Hello people! Hope y’all doin great. Last month I went to Jaipur for a short college trip. The ‘Pink City’ was everything the color Pink encompasses, bright (too bright, sometimes), tranquil, and beautiful. Witness to great Rajput history, the city holds numerous historical monuments, which with their grandeur and raw beauty act as great background for pictures. Therefore, I and my friends took loads of pictures in the scorching heat which was an onerous task. We visited one of the most famous monuments of Jaipur, THE AMER FORT and it is awe-inspiring. To the fort I wore a cotton dress. I chose the bright orange color for the dress, to contrast with the neutral walls, paired it with a summer coat (to save myself from the heat) and timberland boots which were both comfortable, and suitable to wear with the dress.


•Summer Coat-Streets of Thailand

•Boots-Forever 21

•Bag-Forever 21

So that is all, folks! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it. Further suggestions are most welcome. Also, you can contact me for any help and further advice. Do follow me on Instagram, username- shatakshitomar. I will see you guys with the next post. Till then,

Stay Strong, Stay Beautiful, Stay Perfect

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