Hello people! How are y’all doing? I’m doing great. So, the best season (at least for me) of the year is finally upon us. Apart from the pleasant weather that grants unparalleled tranquility, I love this season for one more reason, the scope of experimentations related to dress and styling. This season opens up a plethora of choices of types of outfits, which are all comfortable given the awesomeness of the weather. So, to offer a leaf out of my book, I present to you this post, “The Yellow Sweater”!

Every day is a struggle to find ‘that’ perfect pair of outfit for the day. “I don’t have enough clothes!” a phrase that is said more number of times than any other phrase, is every girl’s story. The closet, to me, seems to be a ‘jinn’, which has an appetite for clothing articles. But over the years, I have developed a habit of experimenting with different combinations, which has curbed the regular ‘outbreak’ of “I don’t have enough clothes!”

So, everybody does have a basic plain sweater right? This one sweater equals not only many outfits, but many styles too with each style serving a different purpose. Here I’m styling a basic plain sweater with different bottoms. The colour I chose is yellow, because everybody loves yellow. This colour can give a slight pop to any outfit, and grants a sense of joy, energy, and arouses joviality. These are the reasons I chose a shade of Yellow for this post, which has different looks created with my favourite mustard ‘yellow’ sweater.

For the first look I paired it with the bellbottom jeans, which I bought from Myntra with plans of styling it, but couldn’t do for some time. I finally took it out from my almirah where it had been resting for some time. I paired it with the sweater and it looked amazing and granted me a retro look of the rock n roll era. On a side note, bellbottoms are so in right now, as fashion from the 90’s is coming back, and setting trends again.

For the second look I paired it with a high-waisted back denim shorts and a blue ripped denim jacket. The ‘raging’ trend of these days, denim jacket is a must, as it can be styled with anything and everything and works great for college, going out with friends etc (‘every thing concerned’). Overall, the outfit, granted me a contemporary and rugged look, suitable for vacations,concerts and the list continues

For the third look, I paired the sweater with a colourful thread work pencil mini skirt. You can pair it with any kind of skirt the pair creates a cute and girly look, with a pinch of sophistication, and could be worn for dinner dates,parties etc .

There are so many more ways to style such simple clothing article, that whenever you feel like saying “I don’t have any clothes!” feel free to experiment on the above lines, or some of your own.

Outfit details:

•Sweater – Vero Moda

•Bellbottom pants-Tokyo Talkies

•Beige heels- Forever 21

•Shorts- Sarojini Nagar

•Skirt- Sarojini nagar

•Golden wedges-Sarojini nagar

•Sling bag-Accessorize

And so, we come to the end of another post. I really hope you liked the post, and the looks. Feel free to offer your own opinions through comments.
Will see y’all again soon! Till then,

Stay Strong, Stay Beautiful, Stay Perfect, and Keep Experimenting!


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