Hello people! Today’s post is all about makeup: makeup essentials, makeup kit for beginners, and alternatives for some products .

Who doesn’t love makeup? Everybody does, right? The meaning of ‘makeup’ is – a way in which something is put together or arranged; and this is what makeup does. Makeup enhances your features, and there is nothing wrong in enhancing them. It gives you self confidence, and makes you feel prettier.14672809_1112105175492895_1245043837_o

This post is mainly for beginners.Now, there are thousands of products available in the market, and I might have missed many. The products mentioned below are just the essential products a beginner would need for getting the perfect look.


  • MOISTURIZER– The first product everyone should own is a good FACE MOISTURIZER. It doesn’t matter if you have oily, dry or normal skin, you need a face moisturizer. It helps the skin not to breakout and show cracks on your makeup. Leave the moisturizer for 10-15 minutes to let the skin absorb it before applying any other product. Do not use normal body lotion as it can be too harsh for the face.
  • PRIMER– Primer is a very important product that should be on your list. This magical formula has some skin benefits too. It fills the pores and reduces their visibility. It’s a must to apply a primer before applying your foundation, as it helps face base to hold for some extra hours. Also, there are many alternatives for Primer. These are:
    Aloe-Vera gel + moisturizer . The gel will soothe redness, and the moisturizer combination is a great way to maintain a great finish without the skin looking oily.
    BB cream – BB cream is like a moisturizer that targets blemishes, it works great as a primer. But make sure you don’t overload it . Save the coverage part for the foundation .
    Lacto calamine– It acts as an excellent primer because the lotion is fully absorbed by the skin that perfectly evens out the skin. Plus, it has medicinal properties too.
  • BASE There is a huge variety to choose from, there is a shade for every skin ,from high and low coverage. BB cream is to be used as a base for light and a natural look, but if you need a full coverage liquid foundation works the best. You can also go for a moose foundation for matte finish, and if you need no mess stick foundation is a life saver.
    Tip to choose the right shade of foundation – always choose a foundation by applying a little on your face. What people usually do is , check the shade by applying it on their hands, which is big no-no because the shade of the hands is different from that of the face, and you end up buying a wrong shade.
  • CONCEALERThis is my go-to product. I cannot leave house without applying my concealer. A concealer hides all the spots and blemishes. You can choose the similar shade as your foundation, for highlighting purpose go for a lighter shade. For daily purpose you can use concealer only, for hiding spots and dark circles, and  can skip the foundation.
  • POWDER– A setting powder is a must as it sets the base, and your makeup will look all greasy, and will start to melt, if you skip the powder. You can skip foundation, and concealer, and go out with applying just the compact powder.
    There are different types of powders – compact powder, loose powder ,If you have already applied a heavy base you should always go for a loose powder because it prevents the face from looking cake-y; but with a light base go for compact powder for a finished look.
  • BLUSHER– A blusher transforms the face with a pop of color on the cheeks. For beginners I would suggest to go for neutral shades. For daily purposes one should go for matte shades; for parties and occasions shimmery ones work the best.
  • HIGHLIGHTER– Highlighter is a rage these days, it gives your face a shimmery glow. There are different types of highlighters, high and low on the amount of shimmers.


  • KAJAL/KOHL – Kajal is a must, specially for an Indian girl. I remember I never used to step out of my house without a stroke of kajal in my eyes. From school to workplace every girl uses kajal ,and there is always a search going on to find a better one .For me ‘Maybelline Colossal Waterproof’ kohl works wonders. Plum is also a superb brand for kajal if you are looking for a 100% smudge proof one.
  • EYELINER– Eyeliner has the same position as the kajal in a girls life. You can use a kajal as a eyeliner. For a perfect wing you can go for gel eyeliner pencils and if you are a pro go for a liquid ones.
  • EYEBROW PENCIL– I know it sound a little overboard but yes a eyebrow pencil is a must. I remember there are so many pictures of mine in which my makeup looks flawless and my eyebrows looks so faded and dull, and it feels like a blunder to me. If you are a beginner you should add an eyebrow pencil to your kit, just to fill in the spaces between the hair.
  • MASCARA– Do I even have to say it, a mascara is a must have,it gives a curl and a slight pop to the lashes, and it adds that flow-y look to the eyelashes. Just a quick twirl and you are good to go. (much like a magic wand eh?)
  • EYE-SHADOW– Eye-shadows are not necessary.But some neutral shades don’t harm anybody. It gives a glow to the eyes, and smoky eyes look great for the special evenings.


  • LIP-BALM – We all have one of these lying around. Applying lip-balm before applying your lipstick is a must. It moisturizes your lips and prevents your lips from looking chappy and cracked.
  • LIPSTICK– Of course your makeup is not complete without a lipstick. There is a huge variety to choose from, matte to glossy (that’s a topic for some other time). Every girl should own a neutral, pink, orange shade of lipstick and of course a good shade of red if you are comfortable with carrying it .
  • Now for the last product for the essential kit- MAKEUP REMOVER. Never sleep with your makeup on, it harms your skin. Makeup remover will save your skin from all the junk your makeup left on your face. It comes in liquid form and as wipes. Also Coconut oil works as an excellent economical alternative.

Here it is! The ‘back to basics’kit, which you need to add to your bag, before being swayed by the new trends too quick and too soon. These are the must-haves which will ace and overrule any temporary trend and give you that fresh, yet evergreen look.

So that is all, folks! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it. Further suggestions are most welcome. Also, you can contact me for any help and further advice. Do follow me on Instagram, username- shatakshitomar. I will see you guys with the next post. Till then,

Stay Strong, Stay Beautiful, Stay Perfect

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