Skin is always In!

Mirror mirror on the wall says, ‘Love the skin y’all own.’  


Hey people! How you doing? I’m doing great, hope y’all are too.

Skin, and skin problems have, and will always remain a major issue in our daily lives. I, for one, have found it difficult to find something that suits my skin. And with the pollution rising everyday it becomes paramount to take good care of your skin.

To that end, I have been using Kaya Acne Treatment kit for quite a while now and, it’s amazing tbh! I tend to get very selective when it comes to skin care products but this Kaya kit works wonders on my skin. The kit contains a Kaya Purifying Cleanser, a Toner , Spot Corrector, and a Purifying Nourisher.


Cleanser– The Purifying Cleanser cleanses the pores  from deep within, removes excess oil, dirt, and impurities. It contains Salicylic acid with acne fighting properties. Two pumps and you get a clear, oil free, and healthier looking skin. What sets this apart that it, unlike other cleansers it doesn’t lead to the skin feeling crack-y and dry, and rejuvenates it. ( Rs. 390 )


Toner – It is an alcohol free toner, isn’t it great! It contains Mandlic acid which gently exfoliates and helps unclog pores. The toner further prepares the skin for treatment of acne . ( Rs. 325)


Spot Corrector -It cleanses your skin, and reduces acne, and acne spots. It specifically acts on the acne marks, and lightens them. ( Rs. 849 )

14409188_1096668347036578_1321739181_nNourisher Purifying Nourisher enriched with aloe vera, hydrates your skin, making it soft. It is non greasy unlike most of the face creams. It doesn’t clog any pores, and gets easily absorbed into the skin leaving it soft and silky. ( Rs. 680 )

All together, this acne treatment kit will cost you Rs. 1850 or you can buy it from Nyka on discount. I’ll definitely recommend this kit for all skin types, specially for acne prone skin. It will leave your skin healthy smooth and glowing.


Mirror mirror on the walls says, “Go get beautiful skin you all!”

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