Hello people! My today’s post is about shaving, and I will be busting some myths related to it. I have been shaving since a year now and have totally been loving it. It is an easier, faster and painless way to get rid of unwanted hair .When I first started shaving, I used the Venus Women Razor, but it used to leave little cuts on my skin. Maybe thats because I have very sensitive skin, hence I went back to the old method, i.e., waxing.

Recently, I came across this amazing product DORCO SOFT TOUCH RAZOR.14542840_1106059249430821_2122236468_n-1It comes in a brown color box containing a very pretty pink color razor handle and cartridges which come in tiny pink boxes. The innovative rounded head with 6 blades gives a very close shave; the moisturising band above and below the blades contains aloe vera, lavender and vitamin E which protect the skin while shaving; the brush fingers above the band give massage to your body while bringing hair up to shave as closely as possible; the anti slip rubber handle gives a great control in shower. One cartridge can be used 6-7 times. If you keep it dry and away from the shower it can last longer. The box also contains a Dr. BARBER’S Handbook which is a go to shaving guide.


DARCO Soft touch 6 kit will cost you Rs 899 which contains four cartridges for more information yo can visit

Little tips on HOW TO SHAVE

Always exfoliate first. It helps to get rid of dead skin cells and lifts the hair up to give you a close shave. For exfoliating you can use homemade sugar scrub or any body scrub available at the moment or even loofah works .

Always shave at the end of the shower. The water makes the hair softer and easy to remove.

Apply a thick layer of shaving cream , coconut oil , I personally prefer hair conditioner over the rest.

• Use short,even strokes without applying excessive pressure.Handle the skin gently.

Moisturize after shaving. After shaving, wait for at least 10-15 minutes, and then, apply moisturizer to the shaved skin. If you have very sensitive skin, and you tend to get rashes, apply Aloe-Vera gel or anything that cools down the skin and then apply your moisturizer over it.

And yes always read your shaving manual, it might give some extra knowledge about shaving.

Busting myths about shaving

• Shaving makes your hair thicker and darker- This is totally untrue. Researchers have proved that the color and texture of the hair all depends on genetic factors and shaving doesn’t really affect that and the reason you might feel that way because you are removing the hair from the surface when you shave and not pulling it from the root but once the hair grows out you will notice that the texture and the color of the hair has not really changed.

• Shaving makes the skin darker and patchy- Again, it depends on genetics.

However, if you still feel that you are not satisfied with shaving you can shave in emergencies and get waxed once in 2-3 months because why to waste those cute little dresses and shorts lying in your wardrobe.

So, go add DARCO SOFT TOUCH 6 KIT to your wishlist,you can also check other options at

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