My Fragrances, People!

Mirror Mirror and the walls, let’s make you the best of all.

This is my first post and I am so excited to start on this new journey, where I will share my experiments and experiences with y’all. This blog is ….. Oh sorry, in my excitement I forgot to greet you people. So, Hey There! I hope you all are in good cheer and are doing excellent.

Now that we are past the formalities, let’s get back to the introduction. This blog will be about beauty, beauty in everything, from ourselves to our clothes, from our closets to our doors; and a bit of this and that. So here goes my first post, which is about something that holds a high place in my priorities – Body Fragrances.

A good perfume is the best thing anyone can wear, something that never goes out of fashion. It  has the power to transform a mediocre  impression into something lasting. All of us have experienced a certain happiness when someone who smells good passes by, or a sense of confidence when we ourselves smell good. Well, I can go on and on and on, on perfumes and fragrances, that’s how deep my love for them is. But without wasting much of our time, let’s have a look on some of personal favorites.

1.Hugo Boss Femme l’eau fraiche EDT 12833220_974200795950001_51833218_n


Hands down, the best fragrance ever. If you are looking for a perfume that is sophisticated, mild, long lasting, and not too strong, This IS It. Dates and dinners, parties and after-parties for that matter, this perfume will never let you down. You can NEVER go wrong with this one! Priced at Rs.4500, this perfume is worth every rupee.

2. Dolce and Gabbana Rose the One12834967_974200949283319_1234313984_n

I am in love with this one! What sets it apart from last one is its floral fragrance. This particular perfume from the world renowned brand, boasts of smelling both floral and as well as strong at the same time. Price – Rs. 3700

3. Versace Bright Crystal


For those special occasions. This perfume is floral, long lasting and soothing smell. Price- Rs.3200

4. Fantasy by Britney Spears


I have been using this perfume for a very long time now ( since school ). It has a very sweet, and a strong smell at the same time. It comes in an amazing box and container, so it has that aesthetic value too. Price – Rs. 2500

5. Zara Woman


The best thing about Zara perfumes is that they are cheap and have really pretty containers (as you can see above). There are a number of different fragrances that are offered by Zara, but none of them is very long lasting. This particular perfume has a sweet and pleasant fragrance. The thing that I like about it the most is its nozzle. Price- Rs. 800

6. Victoria’s Secret (yes, finally!)


The brand that we all love and adore. Victoria’s Secret’s mist is perfect for our daily lives and even for small occasions. It has a wide range to choose from and you should always carry one in your bag along with you.

7. Normal Deodorants


Reasonably priced for everyday and home use, especially in summers, the above deodorants are my personal favorites among the huge variety that we are offered.

All the prices mentioned are the ones I paid while buying my piece, the prices might have changed since then, and there are different prices at different places too. Moreover, I would suggest to avoid online shopping of perfumes (especially expensive brands), and go to the shop and buy after testing the fragrance.

So that is all, folks! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it. As this is my first post, forgive me for any mistakes and do point them out. Further suggestions are most welcome. Till then,

Stay Strong, Stay Beautiful, Stay Perfect


Mirror Mirror on the wall, says You are fairest of them all!

14 thoughts on “My Fragrances, People!

  1. nicely done and congratulaions even tho late! expecting blogs helping out us “male” too ? gud luck for more fascinating upcoming ones! 😀


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